March 11th, 18hs CET
(120 Min)
Policy Management
We'll present the typical challenges with Policy Management, and how Eramba deals with them.

We'll get hands on and show you how to:
  • Create a policy
  • Complete Reviews
  • Setup Notifications
  • Prepare Reports
  • Use CSV Imports
March 12th, 18hs CET 
(120 Min)
Controls & Internal Audits
We'll introduce you to internal controls within Eramba and the importance of testing, keeping records, budgeting, Etc.

We'll get hands on and show you how to:
  • Create a Control
  • Prepare Notifications
  • Reporting
  • Create Maintenances and Testing Activities
  • Perform Control Testing
March 13th, 18hs CET 
(120 Min)
Compliance Management
We'll use PCI-DSS to demonstrate how any compliance requirement can be uploaded into eramba. We will run a workshop on control and policy design. We'll then upload the controls and policies and map them to PCI compliance requirements.

We'll demonstrate how you can monitor and report on the status of compliance with reports and notifications.

March 16th, 18hs CET 
(120 Min)
Risk Management
We'll introduce you to the methods Eramba uses to run a Risk Management program and with the use of practical examples we'll configure the system for Risk Management.

Using real life examples we'll show you how to:
  • Introduce you to Risk theory
  • Create a Risk
  • Perform a Risk Review
  • Reporting
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